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Rodents: Frequently asked questions and answers

How do you treat for Rats/Mice?

Guardian Pest Control uses a baiting system, strategically placed to effectively eliminate rodents. Baits are placed in locked boxes for the protection on pets and children. Loose bait may also be used when necessary in places such as roof voids or subfloors.

Is the bait used safe for my family and pets?

Rodenticides can be lethal to dogs and other animals, however Guardian Pest Control use locked bait boxes that are designed to be pet friendly. Our technicians will place them carefully to reduce the risk of pets being exposed to the baits. If your pet does happen to consume some of the bait it is important that you take them to the vet as soon as possible.

Can I prevent Rats/Mice from entering my property?

Is it quite hard to prevent rodents from entering your property all together as they can squeeze through tiny gaps. However there are some precautions you can take, these include: Clearing rubbish and stored items from areas of concern, block as many holes as possible 7-10 days after treatment and also cut back trees and bushes away from the house to stop easy access.

Will rats/mice die on my property?

Most of the time rodents will leave looking for water after they have consumed the bait, this means majority of the time they would have left your property by the time they die. However on rare occasions rodents may die in the roof, walls or subfloor.

Do I have to vacate my property when a rodent treatment is carried out?

It is not necessary to vacate your property when it is being baited for rodents.

How often should I get my house treated for Rats/Mice?

It really depends on how bad your rodent problem is. Our technician will be able to advise you on how often your house will need to be treated to get the best results.

How long will it take for the bait to take effect?

Rodent activity should have completely ceased after 2-3 weeks, however please allow a month for the baiting to be fully effective. If you notice further rodent activity after a period of ceased activity, please allow a further 1-2 weeks for the problem to subside again. The bait laid at the time of the treatment will control a second invasion.

Is there a warranty on your treatment?

We offer a three month warranty on all of our general pest treatments, any call backs within this time will be at no extra cost.

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