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Rosebud pest control services

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Pest control services


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Pest control Rosebud

Guardian Pest Control are the experts in pest control on the Mornington Peninsula. We service Rosebud and the surrounding area providing pest inspections, pest treatments, pest eradication and prevention plans for residential and commercial clients.

Established in 1986, our team has a wealth of experience and accumulated knowledge of pests when it comes to pest control, seasonal changes (and impacts on pests in our local area) and historical pest events. It’s always been our priority to provide a premium pest control service and the best customer experience possible.

We’re a licenced pest control provider with highly-trained, qualified technicians. We only use quality tools and equipment and our products are environmentally safe, pet safe and mindfully applied for your protection and reassurance.

Call our friendly team today on (03) 59871787 to book a service for prompt and efficient pest control in Rosebud, a competitive quotation and genuine, expert advice.

Pest control services Rosebud

Guardian Pest Control provides tailored, well-planned, high-quality solutions for targeted and preventative pest control for Rosebud homes and businesses. We work with all types of residential and commercial buildings of varying age, sizes and building material.

The types of pests we deal with include:

Other invasive insects we can assist with include silverfish, moths, slaters, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, millipedes and scorpions.

Residential pest control Rosebud

Do you suspect unwanted pests lurking the walls, flooring or roof cavity of your home? Leaving the problem unchecked and untreated could be more costly than you think.

Invasive pests can cause damage to your property and furniture and affect your health and wellbeing at home. They can bring disease, unpleasant smells and dirt/dust piles which can leave an unsightly mess. They can also cause damage to your home’s structure and internal systems, including your electrical system, which is a safety and fire risk.

Our highly-trained, qualified technicians can promptly and thoroughly eradicate pests to restore your home and implement preventative measures to protect you and your family from future infestations. We also recommend regular inspections for monitoring and early detection.

We respect your property and belongings and always work carefully to keep your pets safe. Read more about Residential Pest Control or make an enquiry.

14. June, 2023.
Very good service
615 MTB
615 MTB
4. June, 2023.
Friendly staff. A positive experience.
Felicia Williams
Felicia Williams
2. June, 2023.
Michael will sort my termite issue. He considered all the parameters of the problem before coming up with a solution. Thanks
Virginia Reason
Virginia Reason
1. June, 2023.
Very prompt. Happy with the person who attended to our rodent problem.
valeri serdoun
valeri serdoun
31. May, 2023.
Great team, quick response.Thank you
Vinnie Carter
Vinnie Carter
26. May, 2023.
Very professional service
Colin Fisher
Colin Fisher
20. May, 2023.
The first man who came re-charged all the baits except for the one in the roof, which he chose not to do. When I raised this with the company, another man, Kevin, came and willingly re-charged the bait in the roof and also went throughout the entire roof space to remove two dead mice that were the source of a bad smell. My wife and I were very pleased with the quick response to my query. V. Good service.

Commercial pest control Rosebud

Guardian Pest Control services many commercial clients in Rosebud and across the Mornington Peninsula including restaurants, tourism attractions, health care providers, retail and sporting facilities.

Support the health of your staff and clients and protect your local reputation by investing in a quality pest control service by a professional, licenced provider. Safeguard your business against pests with scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance to industry standard with logbook reporting, the required certificates and Food Safety Act and HACCP compliance.

Pest infestation at your business is a sensitive time. Our team is available to promptly and discretely deal with infestations and undertake treatments at a time convenient to you, with as little disruption to your business as possible. Book a Commercial Pest Control service, or call our friendly team today on (03) 59871787. We’re here to help.

Landlords and real estate agents

Guardian Pest Control can provide pest management for your investment or holiday property, working alongside your real estate agent or property manager. Holiday homes and Air-BnB properties can often sit vacant in winter periods and be prone to pests, welcoming guests that you definitely don’t want.

If you are building, Guardian Pest Control can work with your builder to future-proof your new home from pest infestation. Our professional team and streamlined systems make us easy to deal with and we are known to many trades and local businesses in the Rosebud area. Check out our reviews.

Pest inspections Rosebud

Strange noises, dust piles, scratching, smells and unsightly bugs are all obvious signs that a pest infestation may be present. However to the untrained eye, other signs may not be visible and pests may go unnoticed for many years. Having a regular expert pest inspection gives you reassurance that pests are not lurking behind the scenes, slowly accumulating damage to the interior of your property and furniture.

Our pest inspections include:

  • Thorough interior and exterior property inspection
  • Pest check for signs of infestation and risk identification
  • Expert inspection report with rectification recommendations
  • Licenced, qualified pest control technician.

You can also protect yourself and book a pest inspection before buying a new property. Contact us to book a time.

Pest treatments Rosebud

Pest infestation requires urgent action and rectification and can be a sensitive time for homeowners and businesses alike. Our expert team of qualified pest control technicians are available to attend your premises promptly and discretely, to quickly and thoroughly eradicate pests from your property.

Pest treatments may involve fumigation, baiting, chemical spraying, timber treatment, trapping and barrier installations – depending on the pest species and the environment. You may be asked to leave the property when pest treatments are in progress and there may be a timeframe before you can return.

Our methods are effective, modern and efficient and we are respectful of your property and belongings. We tailor our approach to your property (materials involved, layout, size), the pest species and the client (timing, lifestyle, kids/pets). You will be kept informed and be aware of any updates throughout the process and understand what’s involved.

Rosebud Pest Control Termites

Termite treatments Rosebud

Termites are a species of ant (also called ‘white ants’). Like regular ants, they colonise together and live underground, making the space underneath homes prime real estate with a rich food source – timber. Due to our weather conditions, termites are a significant risk to homes in Victoria and if left undetected, the damage can be expensive to fix.

Termite infestation can deteriorate the timber framing and sub-flooring of your home, the interior of your walls, paintwork and more while forming a nest under your home. Guardian Pest Control is experienced in termite detection, eradication and prevention. Read more about our Termite Services or make an enquiry.

Pest prevention plans

Your property is a long-term investment and it’s smart to have a pest control plan in place to protect your asset. Our Residential and Commercial Prevention Plans are a monitoring and prevention strategy unique to Guardian Pest Control, tailored by our experts so your home or business can remain pest free all year round. You can choose from a variety of plans based on your needs or chat directly with one of our technicians about which plan would best suit your premises.

Professional pest control Rosebud

Having dealt with a multitude of different pest infestations over the years, our team has an extensive understanding of pests including their preferred locations and access points, food sources, appearance, behavior and the types of messes they leave behind.

Our team of qualified technicians maintains the latest industry knowledge on pest control including the most efficient and effective techniques and products.

With characteristics of the property and its environment we can determine the type, stage and severity of any infestation that is taking place and tailor our approach to suit the specific pest situation.

Compliance and licencing

Guardian Pest Control operates in compliance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice for pest control operators and maintains a Pest Control License (and applicable permits), as required by law.

We are also a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA). AEPMA is a government-recognised authority setting standards and providing expert guidance for the pest management industry in Australia.

Pest Control in Victoria is regulated under Section 101 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.

Gaurdian Pest Control Rosebud

Why choose Guardian Pest Control?

  • Qualified, licenced, fully insured
  • Experienced (established 1986)
  • 3-Month Protection Promise
  • Knowledge of the local area
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing
  • Environment and pet-friendly products and methods
  • Extended warranties for termite treatments
  • Member of Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)
  • Premium customer service.

Our 3-Month Protection Promise means that if your pest problem comes back after our initial treatment, we will return and re-treat it for free.