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Mornington pest control services

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Pest control Mornington

Guardian Pest Control is your pest control specialist based on the Mornington Peninsula, providing tailored, well-planned, quality solutions for targeted and preventative pest control.

We’re an established business of over 35 years with many residential and commercial clients in the local Mornington area.

Our highly-trained team of qualified, licenced pest control technicians utilise effective, modern and efficient techniques and use only products that are environmentally safe, pet safe and mindfully applied.

Mornington Pest Control Ants

Preserve and protect your property from pests. Call our friendly team today for a competitive quotation, prompt service and expert advice.

Pest control services in Mornington

We service homes and businesses in Mornington and the surrounding area with:

Our team provides pest control services for domestic and commercial buildings of all types and sizes including houses, shops, multi-level establishments, community spaces, government agencies and more.

We can also assist you with pest control planning for your next renovation or extension project and work with your builder if you are building a new home or commercial premises.

Residential pest control Mornington

Pest infestation can impact the structural integrity of your home and damage its internal systems, including your electrical system, making it potentially unsafe. Pest infestation can also impact your family’s health through the transfer of germs, faeces, dust and other debris.

If you have seen signs of pest infestation in your home, take action now, don’t wait. Our technicians are available at short notice and will work promptly and thoroughly to eradicate pests from your home.

We work efficiently and carefully so that disruption is minimal and that your property and belongings are respected.

Your home is an asset and a major investment so it’s smart to protect it. If you are purchasing a new property, it’s also good to do your due diligence with a thorough pest inspection and report. Our home pest inspections, treatments and prevention plans keep your home safe from infestation and germ free.

Read more about Residential Pest Control or make an enquiry.

14. June, 2023.
Very good service
615 MTB
615 MTB
4. June, 2023.
Friendly staff. A positive experience.
Felicia Williams
Felicia Williams
2. June, 2023.
Michael will sort my termite issue. He considered all the parameters of the problem before coming up with a solution. Thanks
Virginia Reason
Virginia Reason
1. June, 2023.
Very prompt. Happy with the person who attended to our rodent problem.
valeri serdoun
valeri serdoun
31. May, 2023.
Great team, quick response.Thank you
Vinnie Carter
Vinnie Carter
26. May, 2023.
Very professional service
Colin Fisher
Colin Fisher
20. May, 2023.
The first man who came re-charged all the baits except for the one in the roof, which he chose not to do. When I raised this with the company, another man, Kevin, came and willingly re-charged the bait in the roof and also went throughout the entire roof space to remove two dead mice that were the source of a bad smell. My wife and I were very pleased with the quick response to my query. V. Good service.

Commercial pest control Mornington

Our highly-trained, pest control experts are available to promptly deal with emergency pest infestations and undertake treatments for businesses in the Mornington area. We work discreetly and understand that pest infestation can be sensitive for businesses, particularly in tourism and hospitality. We work with you to determine a treatment time that’s suitable for your business operation.

Our Commercial Prevention Plans protect your business premises with scheduled inspections and preventative maintenance, managing your risk of pest infestation for you. We support your business with the required certificates and thorough logbook reporting to keep your premises safe and compliant (including the Food Safety Act and HACCP).

Guardian Pest Control proudly services many local businesses and organisations on the Mornington Peninsula and in the south-east suburbs including restaurants, cafes, retail, tourism attractions, health care providers, gyms, sporting clubs, public facilities and more.

We also help with pest management for holiday and investment properties such as an AirBNB and other short stay accommodation, which can be sitting vacant for longer periods during off-peak season.

Read more about Commercial Pest Control or make an enquiry online.

Types of pests we deal with

Our qualified technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable on the pests we deal with and know the history, buildings and seasonal patterns impacting pest infestation and pest activity in the local area.

Here are some of the pests we deal with:

Other invasive insects we deal with include moths, mosquitoes, flies, silverfish, millipedes, earwigs, scorpions and slaters. All could be potentially causing damage to your property, furniture and the health of your family.

Our team specialises in Termite Pest Control, including removing active termite infestations and we offer extended warranties for all termite treatments. Call our team today to arrange a Termite Inspection or treatment and get expert advice on how you can prevent termites at your home or business.

Termites Mornington Pest Control

Pest inspections Mornington

Pest infestation could be happening right now in your home. For the untrained eye, the signs can be easily missed and it could be left unnoticed for many years.

At Guardian Pest Control we understand pests including their behaviour, appearance, preferred locations and access points, preferred food sources, droppings and the types of messes they leave behind. Using this information along with the history, use and characteristics of the property and its environment we can determine the type, stage and severity of an infestation that is taking place.

Our qualified, licensed technicians will thoroughly and completely inspect your property checking the interior and exterior for signs of infestation, identify any risks and provide you with a report with recommended rectifications and expert advice.

Eradicating pests – what to expect

Dealing with a pest infestation can be stressful. Here’s some information on how Guardian Pest Control works with you and your home or business when eradicating pests, so you can know what to expect.

  • Property pest inspection
  • Eliminate and eradicate pests
  • Preserve and protect
  • Client support
  • Property inspection

Our qualified technicians will do a detailed site assessment to confirm the infestation and determine the severity and the cause. Using key information about your property (size, age, layout, building material and the environment) we will develop a tailored plan and approach to suit the specific pest situation at your premises. Then we book in a time to undertake our rectification work as soon as possible. Each building, infestation and case is unique.

Eliminate and eradicate

The Guardian Pest Control team will work to promptly restore your property from pest infestation efficiently, thoroughly and carefully. Depending on the pest species and features of the building, treatments may involve baiting, trap and barrier installations, fumigation, timber treatment and chemical spraying. The premises may need to be free from people and pets and depending on the type of rectification work, there may be a timeframe before they can return.

Preservation and protection

Join many of our ongoing clients with a Residential Prevention Plan or Commercial Prevention Plan and enjoy reassurance that the risk of repeated infestation is mitigated and that your property remains safe and protected. Our team can design and implement a monitoring and prevention strategy specific to your home (or business) and its environment – so you have protection from common pests all year round..

Client support

At Guardian Pest Control, part of our premium service is doing our absolute best to support our clients. We do that through working closely with you to arrange mutually suitable times, taking utmost care with your property and belongings and keeping you 100% up to date throughout the process. We make sure that you understand what’s going on and what’s next.

Professional pest control Mornington

Founded in 1986, Guardian Pest Control is an established pest control business based on the Mornington Peninsula. Our experienced technicians (many who have been with us since the beginning) have extensive knowledge on individual pest species and their patterns and behaviours. As local leaders and professionals in our field we also stay informed with the latest industry updates on techniques and products that are the most efficient and effective in the pest control space.

Guardian Pest Control is also a member of the Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA), a government-recognised authority providing standards and expert guidance for pest control industry professionals in Australia.

Licenced and compliant pest control

Pest control is a specialised service. You wouldn’t have just anyone working on your property dispersing chemicals, with little knowledge of the pests they are dealing with.

All technicians at Guardian Pest Control are fully-trained and qualified to legally perform pest control activities in residential and commercial settings. Guardian Pest Control maintains a Pest Control Licence (and applicable permits) as required by law and operates in compliance with Australian Standards and Codes of Practice for pest control operators.

Pest Control in Victoria is regulated under Section 101 of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 and the Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019.
Why choose Guardian Pest Control?

Guardian Pest Control is fully insured and well resourced with the right tools, equipment and technicians to do the job.

  • Pest Control Licence (Victoria – current)
  • Qualified, highly-trained technicians
  • Fully insured
  • Over 35 years experience (established 1986)
  • Reasonable and affordable pricing
  • Environment and pet-friendly methods
  • Extended warranties for termite treatments
  • Member of Australian Environmental Pest Managers Association (AEPMA)
  • Great customer experience and premium service.

Our 3-Month Protection Promise means that if your pest problem returns after our initial treatment, we will re-treat it at no extra cost.

Mouse and Mice Pest Control Mornington

If you suspect a pest infestation at your home or business in Mornington, contact our team now for an urgent pest eradication service, pest inspection or to arrange a preventative treatment plan today.

Call us on (03) 5987 1787 for a free quotation for a pest inspection or treatment and enjoy our prompt, personalised service.