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Restaurant pest control

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Commercial pest control services


Restaurant pest control services

We understand the special requirements for restaurants. Presently, we serve numerous bars, restaurants, cafés, takeaways and similar venues on the Mornington Peninsula and the Southeastern suburbs of Melbourne. 

We are fully compliant with the Victoria Food Act, Standard 3.2.2—Food Safety Practices and General Requirements and Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, a fully insured company that tailor our Maintenance control and support programs to your unique needs. Our programs keep the pest under control, enabling you to continue to offer safe food-products. 

Some of the common pest in the restaurant industry that our highly trained technicians can help you manage are:

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Flies

As our customer we supply you with the required paperwork including a Site register to meet health department regulations. 

Your business must do everything it reasonably can to prevent pest problems.

Food Standards Australia New Zealand

Pest control is a team effort – Here is a short checklist with some helpful advice to help you prevent infestations:

  • Clean cabinets, refrigerators, display cases and storage areas.
  • Keep kitchen and storage areas free of food waste, dirt and dust.
  • Keep all food products stored off the floor.
  • Keep vegetables and grains like rice, oats and flour in rodent- and pest-resistant containers with tight-fitting lid.
  • Discard expired or damaged food boxes and canned goods
  • Make sure all dishes are cleaned before closing
  • Remove accumulated boxes or redundant equipment.
  • Place all trash in bags before moving it to a dumpster.
  • Close dumpster lids when not in use.
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Food Standards Australia New Zealand: Pest management

If you’re a food business, it’s important that you keep food safe and protected from pests and the harmful microorganisms they can carry.

What are the requirements?
Under Standard 3.2.2—Food Safety Practices and General Requirements, your business must do everything it reasonably can to prevent pest problems.

This means:

  • pests are stopped from entering or living in your food premises
  • pests are eradicated from your premises and vehicles used to transport food.

Source: Food Standards Australia New Zealand


The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago, the next best time is now.” 

Chinese proverb

If you already have a problem, don’t worry, with the right professional advice and treatment, unwanted pests can be removed from your home and future infestations can be prevented.

To identify your pest problem and to find a suitable solution, speak to one of our expert staff by calling us or starting an online chat. One of our office staff will work with you to identify the best solution to your immediate pest problem.

Our Protection Promise

We promise to control your pests which is why with all of our general pest services, we offer a three month Protection Promise. That means, if your problem persists after our initial treatment, we will come back at no extra charge.

For termite treatments, we offer extended warranties according to the treatment used. Call us today for more information about our termite treatment options and for a free inspection.

With our Prevention Packages, you will receive year round protection against all common household pests through regular visits and preventative treatments. If problems arise in your home, we will promptly attend to it and work quickly to restore your home to the way it should be.