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5 Reasons Why You’re Being Attacked By Mosquitoes This Spring

As the season changes to spring, some species of mosquito emerge from hibernation looking for food and a place to breed around your home. Here are 5 reasons why mosquitoes are attacking you this spring.

1. It’s breeding season 

When the temperature begins to get warmer, mosquitoes start to look for a place to breed. While male mosquitoes feed on the nectar from flowers, female mosquitoes need the nutrients and protein from the blood on mammals to develop and produce their eggs. 

2. There’s a lot of stagnant water around the home

Mosquitoes need stagnant water to breed. Even a small cup of still water is enough for a female mosquito to lay her eggs in. Mosquito numbers increase when there is a period of high rainfall and warmer temperatures. If there’s a greater number of places for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in your backyard, you’ll find that more mosquitoes are attacking you during the warmer months. Removing any stagnant water including empty buckets, flowerpots, clearing roof gutters, draining swimming pool covers, anything that holds water for more than a few days, will help keep mosquito numbers down.

Attacked By Mosquitoes This Spring

3. There’s more rainfall 

This year, the Bureau of Meteorology has predicted above average rainfall for most of eastern Australia due to a 70 per cent chance of La Niña forming this spring. Above average temperatures are also likely in Victoria, particularly during the start of spring. Ideal weather for mosquito breeding. 

4. There are places for mosquitoes to get into your home

Mosquitoes are attracted to heat, light, perspiration, body odour, lactic acid and carbon dioxide. Any stagnant water inside your home also attracts mosquitoes inside which are looking for mammals to attack and places to breed. They can get in through small spaces or gaps in fly wires, even follow you in when you walk through the door. 

5. There’s thick vegetation around the home

A house that’s shaded by trees, shrubs and other thick vegetation is ideal for mosquito resting spots. During the day, mosquitoes shelter in the shade so they don’t dry out, and so they can sit and wait for prey to come by. So, if they’re sitting in plants around the house and they sense something pass, they will attack, latch onto you and come into the house with you. 

How to protect yourself this Spring

Mosquitoes are natural carriers of many dangerous diseases, it’s important you protect yourself and your family against these pests. There are a few simple actions you can take to reduce the amount of these nasty pests around your home:

  • Limiting stagnant water including cleaning blocked gutters
  • Clearing any harbourage areas and places of high vegetation
  • Ensuring there’s no rips or holes in fly wires around the house
  • Wearing long-sleeved clothing and insect repellent also provides added protection while outdoors.

In doing this you will help prevent mosquitoes breeding and attacking you. For additional peace of mind, Guardian can treat your property for mosquitos, significantly limiting the number you will see around your home. Call us for more advice or book a free quotation.

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